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Our device automatically detects the break-in thanks to the sensor on board and is able to instantly deliver a thick fog that prevents the thief to see and act. The only thing you need to do is arm the system (with smartphone app) and you can feel comfortable. In case of an attempted theft, the fogging system will detect it with its sensor and create a dense fog that doesn’t let the thief see and steal anything.


With the back-up battery, the security level can be maintained despite a power cut.


Protects In Seconds

Releasing in 0.1 seconds and projecting security fog over six metres in just two seconds,  up to 50 m3 per second to completely fill any kind of space in a few seconds – this is a deterrent that gives intruders no time to think, forcing them to retreat. Up to 50 m3 per second to completely fill any kind of space in a few seconds.

High-Density, Maximum Disorientation

The innovative formula of the fog fluid has a high percentage of glycol which ensures an extremely dense fog. Once fully-activated, intruders can see no more than 10cm ahead. This gives them no choice but to stop what they’re doing and try to get out.

Effective and SAFE 

Police Recommended

National Site Security fogging systems are certified according to the European and AU standards, the fog fluid is tested and is absolutely safe for people, animals and objects and doesn’t leave any residual.

Innovative Technology & Mobile Control

The sensor fitted as standard is a dual technology volumetric that guarantees the absence of interference, malfunctions and false alarms. Once the fogging system is activated, if the sensor detects a movement it immediately goes into alarm and delivers the dense fog.
The whole fogging system can be easily armed and disarmed with smart phone APP.

5 Hours Backup Security Battery

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National Site Security Fogging system


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